3 Bad Signs You've Been Using The Wrong Oil
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3 Bad Signs You've Been Using The Wrong Oil


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It's no secret using the correct lubricant for your vehicles and industrial machinery is crucial for optimal efficiency. Yet only 89% of lubrication professionals say they consider an oil's viscosity when they select a lubricant.

But what happens when you do use the wrong lubricant or oil in your machinery and how do you know when you've used the wrong one?

3 Signs You're Using The Wrong Lubricant

It's not uncommon for manufacturing companies to mix up or use the wrong fluids on their machines or in their trucks. Unfortunately, just because it's not uncommon doesn't mean it's safe.

The wrong fluids in the wrong areas can sometimes cause microbial growth and chemical changes, which can impact the health of your workers. It can also cause machine breakdowns and overheating.

With that in mind, here are few signs you may be using the wrong fluids in your machines:

  1. Poor performance in extreme temperatures. One of the first signs you've chosen the wrong oil or lubricant is that your machines aren't able to perform in the extreme temperatures they usually do. For instance, your equipment may not be able to start if the viscosity of your lubricant is too high when cold and the lubricant will burn if the viscosity is too high when hot.
  2. Shortened machine life. Whether you're putting the wrong oil in your equipment or in your truck's engine, you'll shorten the life of both machines. If your truck's engine fails and refuses to start back up again, you may have used the wrong oil.
  3. Your machines are louder than usual. Manufacturing machines can get noisy, but something might be wrong if your machines are making more noise than usual. This sudden burst of sound is because the different oil can cause a change in the flow that usually occurs on your machine and the oil may be slipping through clearances more easily.

Where can I buy Castrol lubricants?

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