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3 Beneficial Insights You Can Gain From Used Oil Analysis


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Many machine shops today are running their machines harder to meet production demand. But running your machines for long periods without maintenance can cause problems with equipment reliability.

To optimize your equipment for better reliability, you need to put in place lubricant monitoring programs. By assessing your lubricant and equipment condition, you can help keep equipment shutdowns to a minimum and increase your chances of meeting production demand.

What Kind Of Insights Can I Gain From UOA?

The assessment of your equipment condition and lubricant is called used oil analysis, or UOA. UOA is considered a fundamental part of monitoring your equipment.

When you assess your equipment's oil quality and analyze for contaminants, you can gain critical insights about your equipment. To help you understand the value of UOA, here are the three types of insights you can gain from your results:

  1. Insights into potential contaminants. Metalworking fluid contamination is a major problem and cause wear and tear to your components. When you conduct regular UOA, you can gain insights into the potential contaminants that are plaguing your equipment. By identifying the contaminants, you can better understand the source of this contamination. And your operators can address the problem better.

  2. Insights into equipment condition. The metalworking fluid in your machines is kind of like blood; if there's a problem in the fluid, there may be a problem with the rest of the machine. Wear metal particles in your metalworking fluids is one of the top indicators that there's a potential issue with your equipment. When your equipment begins to wear down, the metal particles can get into the oil. The more metal particles that in the oil, the more wear and tear your equipment is suffering from.

  3. Insights into lubricant condition. UOA can help your equipment operators better measure your lubricant's physical properties. This helps to identify any abnormal conditions in the lubricant before it can cause any major problems with the performance of your equipment.

Where Can I Find A Quality Oil Wholesale Distributor?

It's no secret metalworking fluids are important. In fact, the metalworking fluids market is expected to reach $9.74 billion by 2020.

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