3 Key Elements Of High-Quality Equipment Lubrication
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3 Key Elements Of High-Quality Equipment Lubrication


oil solutionsChoosing the right grease or lubrication for machine parts isn't always easy. There are so many different brands, types, and substances to choose from. But with a bit of prior knowledge, you too can make an informed decision regarding your machinery lubrication needs. Here are just a few qualities to look for when choosing synthetics and oil solutions.

Base Oil Type
The conditions in which the lubrication will perform is what determines the base oil type. These conditions include high and low temperatures, loads, and pressures. Keep in mind that the load and pressure have an impact on the additive package in addition to the base oil type. Experts say synthetic lubricants work in wider applications, temperatures, and other conditions, mineral oils are suitable for more consistent temperatures.

Type Of Thickener
The type of thickener is also a major component of lubricant quality. People often think that the thickener serves as the lubricating ingredient in a number of oil solutions, but in reality, the thickener is simply what holds the product in place, similar to a sponge. Experts say a high-quality thickener is usable with most equipment manufacturer recommendations and can withstand a number of necessary conditions. Although thickeners vary greatly in type and quality, they should never be combined.

Base Oil Viscosity
Finally, base oil viscosity is a fundamental lubrication quality that often gets overlooked. Machinery Lubrication Magazine explains how to calculate the base oil viscosity for bearings:

"The base oil viscosity for bearings can be calculated using a formula that takes the speed and dimensions of the bearing into consideration. It is critical to understand a grease’s base oil viscosity in order to choose the right grease for the application and conditions. Typically, a general-purpose grease will have a viscosity of ISO 460 or higher."

Ultimately, according to a Future Market Insights report, in 2017, over $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids is anticipated to be consumed for lubricating transportation equipment across the globe. Knowing the essential components of a high-quality equipment lubrication can help you make the best decisions regarding your machinery lubrication needs. For more information about oil solutions and specialty lubricants, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company.


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