4 Fun Facts About Metalworking Fluid You Never Knew
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4 Fun Facts About Metalworking Fluid You Never Knew?


brayco 363Metalworking fluids are absolutely essential in the manufacturing process and the machining industry. Metalworking fluids provide cooling, chip removal, corrosion control, and lubrication to keep machines running smoothly and effectively.

However, not many workers are knowledgeable about metalworking fluid despite its critical importance. In fact, up to 63% of manufacturing companies report they don't conduct staff training on lubricants as much as they should.

To help test your own knowledge of metalworking fluids such as Brayco 363, Brayco 300, and Brayco 460, here are a few fun facts about metalworking fluids you may not have already known.

  1. Metalworking fluids change during the machining process
    One of the most important reasons why it's so important to pay attention to the details of a lubricant or grease is because they can change during the machining process. For instance, the base oil of a lubricant or grease can negatively impact volatility. Likewise, not every lubricant or grease works well at high or low temperatures.

  2. Your metalworking fluids may not comply with regulations
    Specialty lubricants and other chemicals are regulated heavily, which means the metalworking fluid your company has been using for years may not comply with the most recent regulations. For this reason, it's essential to stay up to date with industry regulation and purchase from reputable suppliers.

  3. Replacing fluids can bring big change
    It's a good idea to consult your Castrol oil distributors for more information on metalworking fluids. This is because switching metalworking fluids can make big changes to your manufacturing process. For instance, switching over to a fluid with a high-performance may increase the speed of your machines and how long they can work for.

  4. Metalworking fluids need additional attention
    It isn't enough to simply pick Brayco 363 or another lubricant off the shelf and assume it will work for your machines. In fact, up to 70% of equipment shutdowns in the manufacturing industry over the last three years were caused by incorrect lubricant selection. When choosing a metalworking fluid, you need to pay attention to the viscosity, the base oil, how much of the fluid is synthetic, etc.

Metalworking fluids such as synthetic lubricants and aviation greases are essential for machines to run smoothly in every industry. To learn more about industrial lubricants and other products, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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