4 Reasons Why Synthetic Lubricants Are A Great Investment
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4 Reasons Why Synthetic Lubricants Are A Great Investment


castrol syntilo 9918

Synthetic metalworking fluids are known for their incredible performance. Their ability to work in extreme conditions and provide protection against deposits make them a favorite among wholesale industrial supplies.

Castrol Syntilo 9918 is just one these synthetic industrial lubricants. Castrol Syntilo 9918 enables longer turnover rates and reduced product usage due to its minimal production of mist as well as its minimal generation of fluid carry-out.

But Castrol Syntilo 9918 is just one type of synthetic lubricant. Here are a few reasons why synthetics as wholesale oil solutions make for a great investment for your equipment.

  1. Synthetics have improved thermal and oxidation stability. Compared to non-synthetics, synthetic lubricants have an improved thermal and oxidation stability, which enables better deposit control and a reduced increase in viscosity with the lubricant's age. As a result, you won't need to make as many oil changes and you can keep your equipment up and running for longer periods of time.

  2. Synthetics offer greater wear protection. There are four key functions of an effective metalworking fluid: chip removal, lubrication, cooling, and corrosion control. Wear and tear is one of your biggest nemeses in construction, transportation, and aviation. Synthetics offer superior performance to increase gear life even at high speeds with increased wear protection compared to other products.

  3. Synthetics perform better in low temperatures. Another benefit of synthetic lubricants is that they're able to flow well even at low temperatures. Because they're designed to minimize friction in your equipment, components are effectively lubricated and continue to work well without wear even in the cold.

  4. Synthetics have greater viscosity stability. Synthetics have a more stable viscosity across a broader range of temperatures. This means that while synthetics are capable of reducing wear and tear on your equipment at low temperatures they're also capable of operating in the high-temperature range as well without thinning.

Synthetic lubricants are an incredible investment for your equipment. With greater wear protection and viscosity stability, your equipment is able to produce for longer periods of time.

As a result, your consumers will be happier with your service performance and will be more likely to not only recommend your business but also continue to use your business themselves. For more information on synthetic oils, synthetic aviation greases, and specialty lubricants, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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