4 Tips To Keep Your Equipment From Overheating This Summer
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4 Tips To Keep Your Equipment From Overheating This Summer


castrol oil distributorsWhen it comes to beating the summer heat, it's not only important to take the stress off your workers but also your equipment. Long work days and high temperatures can put some serious wear and tear on your machines.

Here are a few tips to help keep your trucks and other construction equipment up and running during those long summer days.

  1. Make sure your equipment has enough coolant and oil. Engine systems are hot enough on their own. Throw the summer heat into the mix and you have some scorching temperatures. Make sure your machines have enough coolant to keep the engines from overheating. Be sure your oil levels are good to go too. More than $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids is expected to be consumed for properly lubricating transportation equipment around the world. Talk to your manufacturer and your Castrol oil distributors for recommendations.
  2. Give your machines the maintenance they need. Daily inspections are essential when you're working your equipment overtime during the summer months. But don't forget to give your machines a deeper maintenance routine on top of that. You want to be sure everything is up and running properly. Even the smallest of problems can turn into the biggest disasters if you're not careful. And that's the last thing you need during a construction project.
  3. Give your equipment a break. Even with enough coolant, your machines can become strained and overheat during the summer. Don't push your equipment to do more than what it was designed for. What's more, humid conditions can cause moisture to build up in your equipment. Excessive moisture can cause rust. Be sure to give your machines a break and, while they're cooling down, dry them off to prevent corrosion.
  4. Check your belts and hoses. During your daily inspections, don't forget to take a look at your equipment's belts and hoses. Hose swelling, cracks, and leaks can be major signs of overheating. If your belts and hoses show cracks and swelling, replace them as soon as possible.
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