5 Signs Your Metalworking Fluids Are No Longer Safe To Use
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5 Signs Your Metalworking Fluids Are No Longer Safe To Use


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Metalworking fluids are necessary for the machining industry. They keep the equipment running efficiently and prevent overheating. Yet, metalworking fluids such as industrial lubricants and transportation lubricants need maintenance of their own.

Poor lubricant management caused 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last three years. To keep your own equipment up and running, consider the following signs your lubricants are no longer safe to use.

  1. Your lubricants show signs of rancidity. A foul smell is one sign your MWFs are no longer safe to use. This rancid smell indicates uncontrolled microbial growth. The microorganisms in the fluid can cause adverse health effects if the metalworking fluid is used. Therefore, it's important to discard your lubricants when they show signs of rancidity.

  2. Your MWFs have an abnormal appearance. You can tell when your MWFs aren't in good condition by the way they look. For synthetic oils, a clear appearance is a sign they're in good condition. Semi-synthetics and soluble oils that are milky in color are also in good condition. Yet, changes in color is a sign of a chemical reaction. Colors such as yellow, brown, gray, and black are all signs your MWFs are no longer good.

  3. Floating matter. If your MWFs have floating shavings or chips on the surface it's a sign your filtration system isn't working. Oil skimmers and periodic maintenance are necessary to ensure proper filtration.

  4. There's a lot of foam. A lot of foam means contamination. It can also mean the lubricant is experiencing an imbalance with the surfactants in the fluid.

  5. Your MWFs have a low sump level. You need to add water to lubricants. This keeps the sump level at the proper concentration. Low sump levels that are 30% below the full mark mean there's a high level of chemical concentration.

It's important to know when your MWFS are no longer safe to use. This is true whether you're using specialty lubricants or synthetic lubricants.

Talk to your Castrol oil distributors to get a general idea of when your lubricants aren't usable. Contact the Castrol oil distributors at Santie Wholesale Oil Company today to learn more about metalworking fluids and oil solutions.


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