Braycote 601: What To Do With This Incredible Metalworking Grease
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Braycote 601: What To Do With This Incredible Metalworking Grease


Metalworking fluids are an essential tool in the manufacturing and production industry. These fluids provide chip removal, corrosion control, cooling, and lubrication to help keep tools and machines working smoothly.

Braycote 601 is one of the most popular metalworking fluids from Castrol. This fluid is a type of grease, which works to prevent rust from causing damage to metal materials. It's also compatible with rocket propellant, high vacuum, and oxidizers. For this reason, Braycote 601 is often used on satellites and shuttles.

An in-depth look at Braycote 601
This type of metalworking fluid is an off-white NLGI #2 grease with a perfluorinated polyether base oil, which acts similar to diffusion pump fluid. This Braycote is non-toxic and non-flammable with a high chemical resistance and low volatility.

Braycote 601's corrosion and rust inhibitor enable this fluid to be used on various products for a variety of applications. It also does well in environments with environmental conditions which are more extreme and in environments with harmful chemicals present.

This grease is typically used as an assembly lubricant for elastomers, O-rings, gears, and roller bearings. It also has an incredible shelf-life, which makes it that much more of a popular buy in the manufacturing industry.

To remove this metalworking fluid from your application, you can use Castrol Fluoroclean as provided by your Castrol oil distributors.

Know your product's limitations
Like all metalworking fluids and lubricants, this grease has its own limitations that should be taken into consideration when used for applications. Braycote 601 works at a temperature range between -80 and 204 Celsius and is compatible with materials such as elastomers and plastics.

However, this grease should not be applied to materials such aluminum, titanium, and magnesium alloys as well as aluminum chloride or other Lewis Acid Catalysts because of possible adverse reactions. For proper lubrication, machine operators are reminded that organic rust inhibitors should be removed from the application site before the fluid is applied.

Finally, although this grease works exceptionally well under heavy loads, the loads used with this lubrication should not exceed 100,000 psi. Should the load exceed this number for an extended period of time, the grease may fail.

Braycote greases are exceptional products among metalworking fluids, lubricants, and coolants. For more information on Braycote products such as Braycote 803, Brayco 795, and Brayco 460, contact Santie Oil Wholesale Company today.


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