Easy Tips To Help You Choose The Right Metalworking Fluids Every Time
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Easy Tips To Help You Choose The Right Metalworking Fluids Every Time


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One of the most important things you can do when it comes to improving your equipment's efficiency is to choose the correct oil or lubricant. Metalworking fluids are vital to your equipment proper functioning; between four and 20 liters of fluid per minute is necessary for metal removal in your machines.

Unfortunately, many folks often choose the incorrect lubricant for their equipment. Up to 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last three years were because of incorrect lubricant selection.

The good news is that you can reduce your risk of choosing the wrong lubricant for your equipment by doing the following:

Implement a replacement schedule before you run out

The early bird gets the worm when it comes to planning for replacement lubricant. Manufacturers who wait until they've run out of oil before replacing their metalworking fluids often choose the wrong lubricant or the wrong viscosity.

The wrong lubricant can cause overheating in your machines, which can cause unplanned equipment shutdowns. In a domino effect, unplanned shutdowns affect your productivity, which affects your customers' opinions of your business.

Implement a replacement schedule. This will help to ensure you're able to easily make your oil or lubricant without the stress to get the oil to your machines on time. By implementing a replacement schedule, you'll also be less likely to cause damage to your equipment.

Don't apply too much lubricant to your equipment

Some manufacturers may feel hurried to replace their oil or lubricant because they're running out of metalworking fluids too quickly. This may be because you're using too much lubricant.

By using too much lubricant on your equipment, you can actually cause more friction in your machines. This increases the amount of wear and tear, which can cause unplanned equipment shutdowns. This is true whether you're using the correct lubricant or the incorrect lubricant.

That said, be sure you're not using too much lubricant or too little. Plan ahead and schedule your oil or lubricant replacement when necessary.

Need wholesale industrial lubricants?

Metalworking fluids play a vital role in machining. It's crucial not to choose the wrong industrial lubricants to avoid causing damage to your machines.

If you're looking for wholesale industrial lubricants for your workplace, Santie Wholesale Oil Company is the place for you. Whether you're working with synthetic oils or specialty lubricants, Santie has what you need. To learn more about our wholesale products or to order industrial lubricants, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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