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How Can I Boost Machining Efficiency This Summer?


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During the sweltering summer months, you may be more preoccupied with making sure your employees are cool enough. But it's also important to ensure your machines are cool enough too.

Whether you're in manufacturing or construction, machines can heat up and shut down if you're not careful. This is especially true during the summer when your machines are operating under the hot sun.

To keep your production up and your customer satisfaction high, here's how you can optimize your machining efficiency this summer.

Make sure you're using the right metalworking fluids

Metalworking fluids have four main functions when it comes to machining efficiency. These functions include cooling, lubrication, chip removal, and corrosion control.

Your metalworking fluids are what helps keep your machines working efficiently. In fact, an estimated 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns in the manufacturing industry over the last three years have been due to incorrect lubricant selection.

Keep a close eye on the lubricants you're using to ensure they're correct. But don't let your management over these lubricants stop there. You also need to be sure that the metalworking fluids you're using haven't gone bad.

Metalworking fluids can develop bacteria over time, which can be bad for your machining efficiency. So keep a close eye on your products, choose wisely, and replenish your machines when necessary.

Give your machines a break

The only thing better than an unplanned machine shutdown is a planned machine shutdown. Coolants and metalworking fluids may be able to keep some of the heat from impacting your work. But it's also important to give your machines a break every so often during the summer months.

Engines and other parts can overheat if you're not careful. And it's a lot easier to cool down a machine than to fix a melted part.

Invest in your employees' education

According to a recent international study, up to 63% of manufacturing companies say they don't conduct their staff training on lubricants and metalworking fluids as regularly as they ought to.

The more your employees know about the machines they're working with, the more they'll be able to ensure they're managed to correctly and working efficiently.

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