How Can I Reduce The Risk Of Using The Wrong Metalworking Lubricant?
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How Can I Reduce The Risk Of Using The Wrong Metalworking Lubricant?


brayco 460Whether it's in manufacturing or metalworking, choosing the correct oil or lubricant such as Brayco 460 or Brayco 795 is essential for proper functioning of equipment. Up to 70% of unplanned equipment shutdowns over the course of the last three years in the manufacturing industry were caused by incorrect lubricant selection.

Fortunately, there are ways those in the manufacturing industry can prevent equipment from breaking down due to the wrong lubrication. Consider the following tips before you choose a particular lubricant or oil for your door hinge, vehicle, or work equipment.

  1. Plan to replace lubricant ahead of time
    Failure to plan ahead of time for when a specific lubricant runs out often results in lubrication problems. By implementing a replacement schedule ahead of time, a manufacturing company will be able to match the oil or lubricant more easily and with less stress on the equipment. Therefore, to prevent equipment damage and choosing the incorrect lubricant, be sure to have a system set up to purchase lubricant prior to a shortage of supply.

  2. Be sure to get the correct lubricant
    Problems with manufacturing equipment often occur because the incorrect lubrication is used. Because oils and lubricants change in chemical makeup every year, it's essential that manufacturers stay up to date with the latest specifications and changes in technology.

  3. Don't apply too much lubricant, or too little
    While many complications that occur with manufacturing equipment often involve the incorrect type of lubricant, sometimes the quantity of lubricant applied may also be problematic. Under-greasing an area on a machine, for instance, can cause greater friction and therefore an increased amount of wear and tear. However, applying too much lubrication can have the same effect.

  4. Be aware of possible contamination
    Oils and lubricants such as Brayco 460, Brayco 363, and Brayco 300 can become contaminated while in storage or during use. This contamination can result in equipment wear and tear. Therefore, it's essential to take preventative steps to keep foreign liquids away from the lubricant.

As with any part of manufacturing, it's essential the lubricant or oil being used is not only the correct lubricant but is also not contaminated by foreign substances. For more information on the correct lubrication for your metalworking or manufacturing equipment, contact Santie Wholesale Oil today.


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