How Do I Choose The Right UV System For My Lubricants? Part 1
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How Do I Choose The Right UV System For My Lubricants? Part 1


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If you've worked with metalworking fluids before, you know that your products can go bad. Bacteria can build up in your lubricants and turn from them handy-dandy cooling solutions into foul-smelling problems.

There are different methods available to effectively reduce the bacteria in your metalworking fluid system. Yet, the process of selecting a supplier for your UV system can be complex.

In this three-part series, we'll go into detail about the important factors to consider when choosing a UV system.

Determine the effectiveness of the UV system

It can be nearly impossible to make a direct comparison between two different UV systems. This is because it's challenging to judge a product's abilities when you haven't had a chance to test them out yourself.

Because you can't make a direct comparison when it comes to effectiveness, you'll need to make a couple of simplifications to get an idea of how the system will reduce bacteria in your metalworking fluids.

There are two ways you can do this. First, determine how much fluid flows through the UV system. Second, figure out the effect on the lamps that irradiate the fluid.

A UV system is more likely to be effective in reducing bacteria in your metalworking fluids when it has a high flow and high lamp output.

Inspect the UV system's glass sleeve

Each UV system has a protective glass sleeve. This sleeve surrounds the lamps of the UV system. Metalworking fluids will come into contact with this sleeve, causing dirt to build up.

This dirt in the glass sleeve is called scaling, which occurs to different extents in different systems. That said, it's crucial to inspect your UV system's glass sleeve to make sure that you'll be able to easily check the lamps.

If it takes longer to check your lamps, the maintenance process will also take longer and reduce your system's overall effectiveness.

Stay tuned for part two where we'll dive into the importance of maintenance and light transmission when selecting your UV system.

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