How Do I Choose The Right UV System For My Lubricants? Part 2
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How Do I Choose The Right UV System For My Lubricants? Part 2


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In part one of our UV system series, we talked about the importance of determining the effectiveness of the UV system you choose. We also went into detail about how your access to the UV system's lamps can make a big impact on the maintenance and overall effectiveness of your system.

Now, in part two, we'll dive into how maintenance and light transmission are also important when it comes to choosing the right UV system to reduce bacteria in your metalworking fluids.

Consider the UV system's need for maintenance

As mentioned in part one of our UV system series, each UV system produces a different amount of scaling within the lamp's protective sleeve. Because of this, it's important to consider how easy it is to access the lamps so you're better able to clean off the scaling.

But make sure you're also taking into consideration the amount of scaling the UV system produces. Even if you're able to easily access the lamps, too much scaling can have a big impact on how much maintenance your UV system requires. The more maintenance your UV system needs, the less productive and effective the system.

Make sure your supplier analyzes light transmission

Metalworking fluids don't let in a great amount of light, which can make UV-treatment especially difficult. What's more, light transmissions will vary depending on the type of metalworking fluid used.

Because light transmission can't be determined with the naked eye and advanced analysis is necessary, it's crucial to make sure that your UV system supplier has analyzed the system's light transmission.

If you go in blind when purchasing your UV system without considering the light transmission, there's a possible chance that your UV system might not work.

Stay tuned for part three, our final part of the UV system series, where we'll talk about the final three factors that are crucial to consider when choosing a UV system.

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