How Using The Right Metalworking Fluid Can Improve Customer Experience
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How Using The Right Metalworking Fluid Can Improve Customer Experience


synthetic aviation greasesApproximately 2.5 million metric tonnes of metalworking fluids were sold around the world in 2016, according got the Future Market Insights' report. Metalworking fluids are essential for lubrication, cooling, corrosion control, and chip removal in a variety of industries.

That being said, metalworking fluids such as synthetic aviation greases and transportation lubricants are critical to getting a job done right and on time. The customer experience your services provide can make or break your business.

For this reason, it's important to choose the right corrosion preventatives and wholesale industrial supplies for your truck fleet, aircraft fleet, and manufacturing machines.

What do metalworking fluids have to do with customer experience?
When a truck or aircraft fleet uses the correct lubricant or grease it enables the fleet to continue working for longer periods of time without repair. The longer the fleet is able to work, the more productive an profitable your business.

A customer who receives their products quickly and efficiently will be sure to remember the service who provided them with that experience. As a result, that customer will give good online reviews and in-person recommendations to other customers about your business. Ergo, a good customer experience can be one of the biggest assets for your business.

However, when your fleet chooses to use the incorrect metalworking fluids you risk your trucks or aircraft breaking down regularly. This can prevent products from being delivered in a timely fashion and can put a sour taste in your customers' mouth.

Customers who have a bad experience with your business are just as likely -- if not more likely -- to share that bad experience with other potential customers. Therefore, when you incorrectly choose a lubricant or grease for your fleet without putting too much research into your choice you're not just risking a few trucks or planes. You're also risking customer experience and your business' reputation.

That being said, inspect your truck's or plane's user manual and talk to your local wholesale oil distributor to learn more about which type of oils may work best for your fleet.

Whether you're looking for synthetic aviation greases, construction lubricants, or transportation lubricants Santie Wholesale Oil Company as the oil solutions you need. For more information on our wholesale oil supplies, Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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