Is It Time To Make The Switch Over The Synthetic Oils?
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Is It Time To Make The Switch Over The Synthetic Oils?


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It's no secret metalworking fluids are essential for keeping your machines up and running efficiently. Metalworking fluids allow for corrosion control, chip removal, cooling, and lubrication.

In years past, many folks in the manufacturing and machining industry used mineral oils on their machines. Nowadays, a growing number of manufacturers are turning to synthetic lubricants.

Is now the best time to switch over from mineral to synthetic oils?

Why are mineral oils still being used?

If you're an avid fan of synthetic oils, you may be wondering why mineral oils are still being used by some companies. The answer is that mineral oils have been used to lubricate the internal combustion engines of vehicles and other machines for years.

Because mineral oils have long been used as the traditional lubricants, it can be difficult for some manufacturing companies to break the habit and make the switch over to synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants.

But why make the switch in the first place? As it turns out, mineral oils aren't the best when it comes to lubricating your machines. This is because the molecules involved in the mineral oils can make the lubrication of the engine irregular, which results in some serious friction.

The more friction that's created in the engine, the more power is wasted on heat and the less energy efficient your company becomes.

What makes synthetic lubricants more efficient?

Unlike mineral oils, synthetic oils and semi-synthetic lubricants (which contain up to 30% oil at most) are made from pure chemical compounds and are designed to produced higher-quality lubricant for your machine's internal combustion engine.

What's more, synthetics are less likely to oxidate than mineral oils and they don't thicken in colder temperatures. They're also more tolerant of higher temperatures, making them handy during both the winter and summer months. After all, the less maintenance your vehicles and other machines need, the better.

Where can I buy wholesale mil spec oils and lubricants?

It's critical to properly maintain your metalworking fluids, synthetic or otherwise. Up to 70% of manufacturing industry machine shutdowns in the last three years were due to poor industrial lubricant management.

Whether you're looking for mil spec oils and lubricants, specialty lubricants, or synthetic aviation greases, Santie Wholesale Oil Company is the lubricant oil distributor you need. To learn more about our industrial lubricants and industrial supplies, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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