Metalworking Fluids: Why They Expire And Why To Replace Them ASAP
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Metalworking Fluids: Why They Expire And Why To Replace Them ASAP


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High-quality metalworking fluids are crucial to the efficiency of your machines. In fact, more than $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids were consumed in 2017 alone.

However, metalworking fluids don't last forever and using expired lubricants can do your machines some serious harm. To keep your business from experiencing unplanned equipment shutdowns, it's important to know when your lubricants have gone bad.

Why do metalworking fluids go bad?

There are different ways your metalworking fluids can go bad. For instance, exposure to humidity can cause condensation in the oil, which reacts with the additives and forms insoluble particles. This negatively impacts the perfect of your lubricants.

Moisture can also cause sludge to develop in the oil, which creates a breeding ground for microbes. This is why some bad metalworking fluids will give off a foul odor.

Metalworking fluids that are unopened and stored in a cool, dry place are more likely to remain stable for a longer period of time because they haven't been exposed to moisture. But, it isn't safe to assume the metalworking fluids are safe to use.

When you use expired metalworking fluids on your machinery, you can cause damage to the equipment because the lubricant doesn't do its usual job. The equipment may experience more friction and become overheated. You may also expose the machine and your workers to bacteria.

In fact, one of the signs that your metalworking fluids are expired is that you have dirty machines and trenches. This is because the cleaners in the lubricant have been depleted and aren't capable of clearing your machines of contaminants or deposits. The result is filter failure and unstable emulsions.

What other signs are there that my metalworking fluids are expired?

In a previous blog post, we went into detail about the most common signs that your metalworking fluids have gone bad. Although it's a rule of thumb to adhere to the expiration date on your metalworking fluids, here are a few more signs that your lubricants have gone bad:

  1. Rust and corrosion on the machine.

  2. Equipment failure.

  3. Mold growth in the equipment.

  4. Change of viscosity.

  5. Dirt is suspended in the fluid.

Where can I buy metalworking fluids wholesale?

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