Straight Oils And Water-Miscible Fluid: Which Is Best For My Machining?
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Straight Oils And Water-Miscible Fluid: Which Is Best For My Machining?


braycote 803The market for metalworking fluids is been predicted to reach up to $9.74 billion by 2020, according to a 2016 report. This is because metalworking fluid is necessary for the successful manufacture and cutting of machines.

Cutting fluids and oils such as braycote 803, braycote 601, and brayco 460 help to cool and lubricate machines while they're being worked on. They also help to prevent chips from causing damage to the cutting area.

Differences in metalworking fluid
It can be difficult to choose a metalworking fluid what with hundreds of different kinds available for machining. Selecting your metalworking fluid is almost as important as the machining process itself.

This is because your lubricant will determine how functional your machining will be. Typically, a straight oil or water-miscible fluid is used for machining.

Straight oils
Straight oils are also known as mineral oils and are often used for maximum lubrication. These oils are often mixed with additives and are used for screw machines as well as gun drilling and other heavy cutting.

Some manufacturers may choose to use vegetable oils in addition to straight oils. These provide the machining process with a greater flash point as well as greater lubricating capabilities.

Water-miscible fluids
Water-miscible fluids are also often used in addition to straight oils. However, where straight oils are used for lubrication, water-miscible fluids are often used in machining when cooling is needed more than lubrication.

Depending on the additives and the amount of oil in the fluid, water-miscible fluids will create a milky-looking emulsion when added to water. These fluids produce good surface finishes in the machining industry and have a good shelf life.

Types of water-miscible fluids include synthetic lubricants, soluble oil, and semi-synthetic lubricants. Synthetics dissolve in water and are made up of phosphate esters and other chemical compounds without containing any oil.

When it comes to machining and metal cutting, it's essential to know the differences between common metalworking fluids. This is because there are hundreds of different kinds of metalworking fluids and how each one may affect your machining matters greatly.

Braycote 803 and brayco 300 are just a few of the different types of metalworking lubricants available for machining. For more information on which type of metalworking fluid is best for you, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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