The Surprising Value Of Using Cutting Fluids In Metalworking And Manufacturing
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The Surprising Value Of Using Cutting Fluids In Metalworking And Manufacturing


braycoteCoolants, fluids, and lubricants are vital when it comes to machining in the metalworking industry. Between four and 20 liters of cutting fluid per minute is necessary to create a significant flow for effective metal removal.

The majority of machining processes and metalworking can benefit from using lubricants and cutting fluids, but this ultimately depends on the material the worker is cutting. For instance, many types of brass can benefit from the use of cutting fluid although not all brass will. And cast iron is best used for machining dry without cutting fluids or lubricants.

How do fluids benefit the cutting process?
Cutting fluids in machining are used to assist during the cutting process. This is done by preventing friction on the interface between the cutting tool's chip and the edge.

This prevents heat from being generated during the cutting process. It also helps to prevent the welding of chips onto the cutting tool, which would make the cutting of the material difficult. To help reduce the risk of tool wear due to welded chips, some use extreme pressure additives during their metalworking.

Cutting fluids also aid in removing heat from the metal cutting process, which the surrounding air can't do alone due to low thermal conductivity. Liquid coolants are applied to the metals during cuts to remove the heat more quickly for faster cutting and reduced tool wear.

What should you look for in a cutting fluid?
There is a wide variety of cutting fluids for a wide variety of materials. Finding the right type of lubricant for your materials or bearings is especially important to meet demands and design requirements. Some of these high-quality lubricants include braycote 601, braycote 803, brayco 300, and brayco 363.

Additional properties it would be in your best interest to look for when searching for a cutting fluid include:

  • Ability to lubricate the working edge of the cutting tool to prevent tip welding and to elongate the life of the tool's cutting tip

  • Reduces the risk of injury for those cutting materials

  • Poses no threat to the environment when the fluid is disposed of

  • Ability to keep the piece being worked on at a stable temperature

  • Ability to prevent rust from occurring on the material, cutters, and machine

Cutting fluids such as braycote 601 are beneficial to most machine cutting processes and materials. For more information on the best types of lubricants, coolants, and cutting fluids for your production teams, contact Santie Oil Wholesale Company, a lubricant oil distributor you can trust, today.


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