What Are The Benefits Of Using Synthetic Oils?
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What Are The Benefits Of Using Synthetic Oils?


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When it comes to wholesale oil solutions, synthetic metalworking fluids have an incredible performance. They're able to provide protection against deposits and work well even under extreme temperature conditions.

There's still debate over whether synthetics or mineral oils are the better choice for metalworking and cutting fluids. But whether you're a pro-mineral or pro-synthetic type of person, you can't deny that synthetics have some serious game.

The following are just a few of the benefits synthetic oil solutions have to offer:

  1. Synthetic lubricants work well in low temperatures. Fluctuating temperatures can be a nightmare when you need your lubricants to do their job and keep wear and tear at bay. Synthetic lubricants are great for this because they flow well even at low temperatures, effectively minimizing friction in your equipment.

  2. Synthetics have a stable viscosity. One of the reasons why synthetic oils do so well in low temperatures is because they have a stable viscosity across a broad range of temperatures. They can work to prevent corrosion in your machines when the temperature is low because the oil doesn't thicken and they can work well at high temperatures because the oil doesn't thin.

  3. Synthetics offer oxidation stability. It isn't only the viscosity that remains stable in synthetic lubricants. Synthetics also have improved oxidation and thermal stability compared to non-synthetics. This gives synthetic oils the ability to control deposits and reduce shifts in viscosity as the oil ages. This gives you the ability to keep your equipment up and running for longer periods of time without having to stop for frequent oil changes.

  4. Synthetic lubricants are great for preventing corrosion. Synthetics' stable viscosity makes it a great option for preventing corrosion, chip removal, lubrication, and cooling. This increased wear protection provides you with the ability to increase gear life in construction, transportation, and aviation. That means you can provide a better customer service experience because you're not battling with your metalworking fluids and your machines.

Where can I buy synthetic lubricants wholesale?

Pure synthetic lubricants have no oil whereas semi-synthetic lubricants contain less than 30% oil. Whether you're looking for synthetics, semi-synthetics, or other oil solutions, Santie Wholesale Oil Company has the metalworking fluids you need.

To learn more about our industrial lubricants, specialty lubricants, or industrial supplies, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company about our corrosion preventatives today.


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