What Are The Benefits Of Using Castrol Optigear Oil Solutions?
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What Are The Benefits Of Using Castrol Optigear Oil Solutions?


castrol optigearMetalworking fluids are essential tools in the fight against friction and corrosion. In fact, even recycling metalworking fluids has proven to be financially beneficial with a potential 8% volume reduction against non-recycling systems.

Excessive friction reduces performance efficiency, which can not only put a damper on your business's production but also on its successful reputation. The last thing your company needs is angry consumers, which is why the first thing you need is a wholesale oil product that gives you high-quality efficiency.

Castrol Optigear Oil Solutions: What Are They?
For those who are new to metalworking fluids and high-performance oils or haven't been in the metalworking industry for some time, Castrol Optigear is a range of high-pressure gear oils. Castrol Optigear utilizes advanced MicrofluxTrans (MFT) Plastic Deformation technology to actively fight wear and friction within your business's gearboxes.

These oils also help to reduce the temperature of the gearbox while it's in operation, thereby allowing the gearbox to work for longer periods of time without stops. In fact, compared to standard gear oils Castrol Optigear oils have proven to reduce friction in gearboxes by 60% on average.

For this reason, many businesses often choose this range of oils. The more the gearbox is able to perform, the greater the production value of your business.

What Can Castrol Oil Do That Others Can't?
Castrol oil distributors provide businesses with protective agencies that prevent friction, improve operating conditions, and improve the surface profile of your business's contacting gears. All of this provided under increased loads and high pressure while minimizing roughness and erosion.

As a result, your business is able to utilize these oils' protection under extreme temperature fluctuations, have greater energy savings due to the lower friction coefficient, and enjoy great operating efficiency. That being said, the oils you choose to lubricate you gearboxes and provide corrosion control have a direct impact on your business's productivity and efficiency. Castrol Optigear can provide a wide array of products that can deliver.

Whether you're looking for Castrol Optigear products, Tribol products, or synthetic aviation greases, Santie Wholesale Oil Company has the metalworking lubricants you need for the efficiency you want. For more information on our transportation lubricants and aviation products, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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