Why Does My Aviation Ground Equipment Need Oil Analysis?
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Working With Metalworking Fluids: How To Keep Your Workers Safe


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Metalworking fluids, coolants, and lubricants all play a vital role in machining. By flowing at four to 20 liters a minute, metalworking fluids help to remove metal pieces and contaminants from the machine.

To keep your machines working, it's necessary to use fluid analysis for maintenance. For aviation ground equipment, in particular, it's critical to sample fluids regularly to maintain the safety and performance of the equipment.

Why do I need to sample fluids from my aviation ground equipment?

Oil analysis can help to save your business time and money. This is because you're able to catch contamination issues before they can become a major problem for your equipment.

Yet, oil analyses differ when it comes to why and how you need to sample your fluids. It's recommended to follow the instructions of your manufacturer when it comes to oil analysis timing.

A scheduled analysis of your oil can help to provide greater insight into your equipment. There's a possibility your contaminated oil has affected other areas of your equipment.

What types of oil contamination are there?

It's important to act as soon as possible if you believe your equipment has oil contamination. The longer you wait to treat the problem, the more likely your equipment will be damaged.

Your maintenance personnel will be able to identify one or more of the following oil contaminants:

  • Airborne debris. These are any solids that may have gotten into the oil from airborne ingestion or runway sources.
  • Water and solvents. An excessive amount of water in your oil can cause changes in oil pressure, foaming, high oil temperature, and hydrolysis. Detergents in your oil can cause deposits and hardware corrosion.
  • Other oils. It isn't a good idea to mix oils. Mixed oils can cause elastomer compatibility problems and can also result in deposits. Likewise, the presence of fuels in your oil can cause lower viscosity and a lower flashpoint. That said, don't mix oils or fuels.

It's good to check for oil contamination during your regular maintenance process. By checking for contaminants in your oil, you can help to prevent major problems from happening later down the line.

Where can I find industrial lubricants?

Whether you're looking for Castrol oil 9918, synthetic oils, or other metalworking fluids, Santie Wholesale Oil Company has what you need. To learn more about our metalworking fluids or synthetic aviation greases, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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