Will Integrating Automation Solve My Productivity Issues? Not Quite
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Will Integrating Automation Solve My Productivity Issues? Not Quite


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Advances in software development and computing power have progressed the integration of automation into the average workplace. For those in the trucking and manufacturing industries, automation has long been a part of your work life.

But technologies have recently been getting faster, less costly, and more advanced. Because of this, many companies may see automation as a quick and easy solution to productivity issues.

What can automation do for my company?

In the past, robots in the manufacturing industry have only been able to do simple and repetitive tasks.

Robots are getting smarter and the latest generations have been able to mimic the skills of workers to grind, deburr, and polish applications. In short, they're able to do their jobs more quickly and increase productivity.

Will automation automatically fix my company's productivity issues?

It may seem like automation is the number one solution to boosting your company's output. But you can't rely on automation to fix all of your problems.

If you have a virus on your computer and you update your software, you're still going to have a virus on your computer.

The same is true for problems with productivity in your organization. Problems that aren't related to speed won't be fixed when you make the switch to automated systems.

Start with the basics when it comes to boosting output

Before you make any updates to your business, do a study of your company as it is. Analyze where your company is falling behind and what's causing the problem.

In some cases, the issue may be more basic than you realize. Metalworking lubricants, coolants, and fluids are crucial when it comes to machining. Yet, 63% of manufacturing companies don't conduct staff training on lubricants as often as they should.

This can cause unplanned equipment shutdowns and may lower the lifespans of your machines. By fixing a simple problem such as using the right industrial lubricants, you can boost your company's productivity immediately.

Where can I get the oil solutions I need?

An oil wholesale distributor like Santie Wholesale Oil Company can provide you with the industrial supplies you need to get the productivity results you want.

With Santie Wholesale Oil Company, you can buy Castrol oil wholesale and other corrosion preventatives to keep your machines running as smoothly as possible. To learn more about our construction lubricants and Castrol oil wholesale options, contact Santie Wholesale Oil Company today.


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