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Lubricants & Oil Product Solutions

From trucking companies and machine shops to federal and state agencies, Santie Oil Company supplies consumers and manufactures across the country with high quality commercial lubricants. Our wholesale inventory has supplied quality lubricants, greases, and oils to businesses throughout the Midwest alone for over 70 years. We provide a diverse selection of Castrol industrial lubricant products and delivery options designed to meet the needs of any size operation. We stock a variety of hard-to-find specialty items including high performance synthetics, semi-synthetics, high-temp greases, food grade machinery lubricants, and heavy duty oils. Learn about our selection of products by clicking onto the brand of your choice.

Lubricants and Oils -  see our latest flyer under PDF attachments - automotive, machine shop, diesel oils

Santie Oil Company is an authorized distributor of:

  • Chevron/Texaco (URSA, DELO, ULTIPLEX, MULTIFAK, RANDO, RANDO HD, DELO ESI) - premium, quality lubricants
  • Castrol Industrial Lubricants (Hyspin), Wayoils, & Brayco and Braycote - Specialty Aviation products
  • Castrol Performance Lubricants - Molub-Alloy and Tribol products
  • Castrol Heavy Duty Lubricants
  • Summit Industrial Products - including de-scalers, compressor oils, and sublime water descale solvent, rust removers, and more
  • Royal Purple - automotive and Industrial synthetic products
  • Purus Products - premium heavy duty engine oils, gear lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and more
  • Natures Choice - Re-refined oil products in drums, cases, and pails. Automotive and diesel engine oils, gear lubricants, and more.
  • Service Pro - automotive and industrial lubricants including motor oils, hydraulic oils, way lubricants, tractor fluids, and more! Click here for more information on Epaks.
  • Petro Canada - supreme line of food grade lubricants and specialty industrial oils
  • S.O.C. Lubricants - our 'house brand' of motor oils, diesel engine oils, and hydraulic fluids

S.O.C. Lubricants is our private label of economically priced automotive engine oils, hydraulic oils, tractor fluids, way lubricants, metalworking fluids, gear lubricants, drive train oils and brick grease. See our technical data sheets in PDF format bottom of page, or contact us today for additional information concerning our commercial lubricants.

Delivery Options

Your order of commercial lubricant can be delivered in whatever amount you need. We can ship in bulk trucks for delivery to your tank or to ours. Our warehouse is also stocked with space-saving and convenient totes, drums, pails, and cases. Whether you are limited in space or have a warehouse to fill, Santie Wholesale Oil Company can deliver Castrol industrial lubricants as well as other oils and greases in the packaging you require. We ship via common carrier too! Customers have the choice of their preferred carrier or we can quote with freight included in the price. We ship all over the United States.

We offer:

  • Trained lube specialists to assist you in finding the best product for the job.
  • Custom delivery options and competitive pricing.
  • Specialists to assist with inventory management so you buy the proper packaging.
  • Bulk service, bulk pricing, and prompt professional delivery.
  • One source vendor with Santies' wide selection of products, you can consolidate vendors and reduce processing time.

We provide Remote Tank Monitoring Systems

Don't run out of oil! Let us manage your levels with our remote tank monitoring system. We receive an email when your tank is getting low and then immediately place it on our delivery schedule. You have access to your usage reports online in real time!

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