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Specialty Lubricant

At Santie Wholesale Oil Company, we have a unique selection of specialty lubricants. Our inventory is home to the highest quality corrosion preventatives in the industry. Call us for all your specialty mil spec inquires, including the Castrol products listed below.

  • Brayco and Braycote
  • Corrosion Preventives - General & Engine - MIL spec listing below
  • Aviation Hydraulic fluids - MIL spec listing below
  • Synthetic Aviation greases, Turbine Oils, Specialty products - MIL spec listing below
  • Brayco, Braycote, Brayco Micronic, Braycote Micronic
  • Brayco 783, Braycote 601 EF Braycote 602EF,
  • Aviation products and aerospace products
  • Molub-Alloy Products
  • Tribol Products

With free shipping throughout the United States, our wholesale specialty lubricants will not only prove effective under any condition, but save you money as well. There's no better way to stock up on corrosion preventives and other lubricant products you need than with Santie Oil Company. Shop today and find out why we lead the industry in quality and customer care.

Tribol & Molub-Alloy products


12 per case S.O.C. Brick Grease

S.O.C. Brick Grease

Brayco 1624, 1625 & more

Brayco 1625 bottle

Brayco & Braycote Syringes, 2 oz, 4 oz and more
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