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What Industries Can Benefit From Utilizing Mil Spec Oil?

What Industries Can Benefit From Utilizing Mil Spec Oil?

Aug 17th 2021

Many industries need oils and lubricants to protect their equipment, vehicles, and products. Specialty lubricants and lubricants for metalwork may need to meet particular standards as well. This is where mil spec oil products come into play.

What Is Mil Spec Oil?

Mil spec is short for military specification, which essentially means that mil spec oil is oil that meets military standards. This means that mil spec oil is of higher quality and may be better suited for particular applications.

Here are a few industries that can benefit from purchasing mil spec oil from a top lubricant oil distributor that sells wholesale industrial supplies.

Automotive Industry

Using mil spec oil can be useful for automotive equipment. You'll find that mil spec oil will help maintain cleaner and cooler engines, lower emissions, and improve efficiency and performance.

Equipment or vehicles used in your facility will have particular lubricants and oils listed in their manuals that specify what oils can be used, so don't use the wrong one or else damage may occur. Make sure to keep viscosity and temperature in mind so that the oils are utilized correctly and don't damage any vehicles or equipment.

Firearm Industry

The firearm industry can greatly benefit from using mil spec oil as well. Utilizing a quality mil spec oil for cleaning purposes keeps firearms in optimal condition. Guns will be rust and corrosion-free, have greater lubricity, maintain high viscosity, and be easier to clean for the long term.

Aircraft Industry

As aircraft equipment continuously evolves, it's important to utilize lubricants that keep the equipment in its best shape. Using mil spec oils in the aircraft industry helps keep equipment temperature-controlled, reduces friction, keeps debris cleaned out, and maintains a rust and corrosion-free exterior.

According to a 2017 Future Market Insights report, over $4 billion worth of metalworking fluids is expected to be consumed for lubricating transportation equipment across the globe. With this in mind, the industries outlined above and more can benefit from utilizing mil spec oil and lubricants for both machining equipment and transportation vehicles. If you are a lubricant oil distributor or work in the military sect, consider mil spec oil and lubricants for your customers and equipment so that it remains in top condition for the long term.