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What You Want to See In Heavy Duty Engine Oils

What You Want to See In Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Feb 23rd 2022

There has been an increase in trucking company services as more people are having items delivered. However, companies are faced with the need to decrease operating costs while becoming more efficient. One way to help create cost savings is with improved industrial supplies such as heavy-duty engine oil. According to MSCDirect, in 2016, the metalworking fluids (MWF) market was projected to reach $9.74 billion in 2020. These tips can help you understand what you need from heavy-duty engine oil.

What Should an Oil Have?

There are specific requirements for lubricants and industrial supplies used in trucking, as suggested by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It is possible to gain more fuel economy without straying outside of the OEM recommendation. You can also achieve efficiency without having to sacrifice the amount of protection the lubrication provides. The base material of the oil must be considered. You are going to find a synthetic blend, fully synthetic, or a conventional/mineral base. You want to pay attention to the additives in the oil to ensure it brings out the best of the base oil.

Categories of Oil

When considering oil and industrial supplies, it is essential that you know all of your options. This includes oil that is formulated with solutions that are low-viscosity to get the best out of the diesel engines of today. These engines are more fuel-efficient and have low emissions.

Reliant™ is one of the conventional industrial supplies. This engine oil promotes durability of the engine, resistance to oil breakdown, and optimum performance in new and old models.

Reliant™ Premium is a synthetic blend engine oil that provides enhanced oxidative stability. In addition, it offers substantial engine protection for long and reliable life.

Reliant™ FS is a full synthetic oil for heavy-duty diesel engines, providing the highest level of oxidative stability. In addition, it has the broadest operating temperature range to provide the most expansive levels of protection.

Reliant™ X-92 is ideal for the modern fleet. It provides all-season performance. This oil allows fleet owners to service the majority of a fleet with a single lubricant.

When looking for industrial supplies, it helps to have an understanding of what is available to you so you can make the best selection for your trucks.