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Benefits of Synthetic Lubricants From Castrol Industrial

Benefits of Synthetic Lubricants From Castrol Industrial

Feb 15th 2021

Castrol Industrial is the go-to source for synthetic lubricants. For the last couple of decades, synthetic lubricant from Castrol Industrial has become the choice for a wide range of applications.

If you are on the fence about the value of choosing synthetics for your equipment lubrication needs, there are a few things that you need to know about the benefits of synthetics. Understanding the added value that synthetics can deliver can help you to make an informed decision about your lubricants.

Better Value

Synthetics are more expensive, but they are more expensive for a reason. Mineral-based lubricants cannot deliver the protection that a synthetic lubricant can. Castrol Industrial offers a wide range of synthetics that can help to provide better protection and longer wear life.

You may pay more upfront, but the lubricant will last longer and deliver unmatched performance. The return on investment (ROI) is greater with synthetics, making them the better value over the long term.

A Wide Range of Solutions

Petroleum based lubricants are often inadequate in many applications. For example, a lubricant that has to deliver fire resistance, petroleum-based lubricants cannot deliver in that application. Synthetics perform much better in extremely high and low-temperature settings.

The versatility of synthetic lubricants does not end in extreme applications. Any time machine reliability is needed, energy consumption is a consideration, or biodegradability is a matter, synthetics can easily answer the call.

Petroleum-based lubricants, no matter how many times they are refined, often carry contaminants. Synthetics are void of any unwanted contaminants.

Overall Benefits

There is a wide range of overall benefits from switching to synthetics, including increased efficiency of worm gear drives, elimination of combustible residues from petroleum-based lubricants in air compressors and other equipment, and reduced friction loss in high-speed bearings.

Castrol industrial offers a wide range of synthetic lubricants, including synthetic aviation greases that protect and provide the top tier of efficiency. Synthetic oils and greases can help to better protect your equipment by reducing wear and tear. Switching to synthetic lubricants can be the single best thing you ever did to protect your equipment investment.