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Extend Tool Life With Castrol Cutting Fluid

Extend Tool Life With Castrol Cutting Fluid

Feb 15th 2021

Castrol cutting fluid can extend tool life. The right cutting fluids are critical to performance and protection. Castrol cutting fluid steps up to the plate nicely on both counts. Castrol specializes in crafting metalworking fluids that can stand up to the rigors of any job. Whether it is grinding or cutting, Castrol cutting fluid is the best option in high-speed processes. Keep reading to learn more about Castrol cutting fluid and how it extends tool life.


Cutting fluids have four main functions: lubrication, chip removal, cooling, and corrosion protection. Castrol cutting fluids tick the list off nicely when it comes to delivering those functions, and they offer additional protection as well.

Study after study has shown that heat has a detrimental effect on tool wear. The right cutting fluids can reduce the heat produced by processes, which in turn will reduce tool wear and extend the life of the tools and equipment. Studies have shown even small reductions in the heat generated can have a big impact on tool wear.


Castrol synthetic cutting fluids are designed to increase your productivity, reduce costs, and enhance tool quality. This well-designed fluid is made specifically for metalworking. Castrol cutting fluids, specifically Castrol Alusol SL 51 XBB, maintains a constant ph level throughout the process and over longer stability times than any other fluid on the market.

Users have reported that they have been able to completely eliminate or significantly reduce biocides management from their process because of Castrol cutting fluids. Castrol has consistently put the money into R&D to develop a fluid that is not only highly reliable but also inhibits the growth of biocides.

Cutting fluids play a vital role in metal works. Castrol cutting fluids reduce biocides, provide reliable temperature control, and lubricate. Lubricant for metalwork like Castrol cutting fluids not only extend tool life but can also improve the final product.

Finished Products

The right high-quality cutting fluids can remove metal fines and chips from the worksurface-tool interface. This helps to prevent the finished products from being marred throughout the process. Cutting fluids ensure that metal fines and chips are continuously flushed away from the interface.

Castrol cutting fluids can also help to stop the build-up of BUE (built-up edge) on the finished product and tools. BUE causes unwanted friction and can ultimately change the shape of the machine tool, which is another wear factor.

Castrol cutting fluid will protect your tools and improve your processing. Based on its functions, design, and ability to produce high-quality products, this is the cutting fluid your business needs.