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Use the Right Fluids for the Job

Use the Right Fluids for the Job

Aug 16th 2021

When you've got heavy or industrial machinery to run, it can sometimes be a guessing game as to what's happening inside. From providing the right fuel to making sure that there are no updates or repairs to be considered in the short term, having all your components in one place is simply part of the job of making sure that mechanical items run correctly. Using the proper lubrication, such as mil spec oils and lubricants, is part of that.

Don't be fooled by the complexity of the name, as mil spec oils and lubricants are a simple concept. They are simply military-qualified synthetic lubricants that meet the immense and demanding specifications set out by the U.S. Army. Lest it needs to be said, if they're good enough for Uncle Sam then they're certainly good enough for your specific industrial needs. Compromised of the highest quality synthetic materials, there are a whole bunch of reasons that you'd want to use mil spec oils and lubricants for any job you need to get done.

Trusted Performance from the Best

When you're talking about using the best lubricants for a variety of industrial and mechanical uses, the test case doesn't get much better than the U.S. Military. Because of the exacting standards that the military demands in all sorts of environments from their mechanical devices and automobiles, using mil spec oils and lubricants will never leave you "out in the dust." If anything, you should be wary of using lubricants that aren't mil spec and be suspicious of those that claim to be without backing it up.

No More Shutdowns and Lost Time

When you're not using the proper lubricants for whatever job you're trying to do, you end up with shutdowns and lost time more than is necessary. In fact, according to a recent study, manufacturing companies estimate that 70% of their unplanned equipment shutdowns in the last three years were caused by incorrect lubricant selection or management. By making sure to use mil spec oils and lubricants on every from automobiles to industrial machinery, you'll be giving yourself a virtual guarantee that when a shutdown occurs, it's not because gears are grinding to a halt on account of synthetic lubricants.

Give Your Machines What They Need

Remember that the entire reason that these lubricants are called mil spec oils and lubricants is because they meet military oil specifications and are therefore the proper lubricants to get the job done. Instead of having to worry about whether they'll freeze up under pressure or catch on fire at some point, you'll know all the pertinent details about what conditions they can survive in and what their optimum life is. Instead of doing guesswork around whether you should change your industrial lubricants or not, you'll have all the information you need to keep on working no matter what.

Superior Performance That Outlasts Natural Alternatives

In the industrial lubricants field, you tend to have two choices: natural or synthetic. Both have their place depending on what type of machinery and environment they're utilized in, but synthetic can do many things that natural lubricants can't. This is, of course, because they're manufactured and engineered to do so instead of being refined from materials that were made by nature. While we once had to rely entirely on natural lubricants to do the best possible for our machinery and industrial uses, chemical engineering has made that no longer so. Thanks to the power of science and technology, using mil spec oils and lubricants that perform in all sorts of unique cases is easier than ever before.

Use the Best, Never Worry Again

When you start using mil spec oils and lubricants to their fullest capacity, you won't ever have to worry about something breaking down on you or not performing to standards. Because you've chosen to take up with the best in class and put it in your machinery, you can rest confidently that anything that needs to be done won't be halted up by grinding gears and lost time. Not only will you be giving your machines what they need, but you'll be practically immune from shutdowns and frustration. To get your hands on the best mil spec oils and lubricants, contact Santie Oil Company!